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Energy With its innovative and efficient products, the mechanical engineering industry plays a key role in meeting national and European energy and climate policy objectives. However, the right framework conditions are needed to fully harness the potential of existing low carbon and energy efficiency technologies. VDMA calls for the rapid and effective implementation of the 2030 package in order to ensure planning security and to trigger investments. As a priority, the European Commission should gear its efforts towards securing a binding agreement during the global climate negotiations at the UN Climate Change Conference in Paris at the end of 2015.


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Junior Management – Workshop am 14. Juni 2018

22.06.2018 Grundaussage zum Thema Agile Führung: "Fehler sind erlaubt!"

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Auftragseingänge legten im April erneut zu – Umsätze rückläufig

22.06.2018 Im April zeigte sich nochmals ein starkes Plus in den Auftragsbüchern der Hersteller von Kompaktmotoren

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drupa touchpoint packaging: the intent is not to predict the packaging future but to enable it

22.06.2018 drupa today announced the partners who will contribute to the touchpoint packaging 2020 steering committee.

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